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Dance with Us

Ballet is Our Passion

Since 2007, we have been spreading ballet as a passion just like how it is to us.

We believe that if there is enough desire that is fueled by passion, it will then bring about the greatest things in life.

We believe passion unknowingly and surprisingly can help us through difficult times.

We believe that passion is a journey, so let us go through this journey with you.

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Our Classes

French Syllabus

Staying true to heritage, we are offering French Syllabus classes.

Graded Examination

Parents looking for possible DSA opportunities for your kids? Wait no longer! We do offer Graded examinations for RAD.

Junior Ballet

Aiming to make ballet as a professional career? With only a small group class, Junior Ballet emphasizes a high level of personal teaching and close supervision.


We believe in keeping mental and physical well-being healthy. Thus, we have carefully curated a class just for you!


"Dear Maud, I would like to congratulate you on the most wonderful show you put on on Saturday! We really enjoyed the dancing and were pleasantly surprised to see some girls doing solos! The live music was beautiful and I thought it was really nice to be in the small theatre. Well done! We're already looking forward to the concert in June!"

Mona & Jarom

"Dear Maud and of course the whole team: I was so impressed by everything on Sunday! Thank you so much for giving our children the opportunity to experience their strengths in such an empowering way. Everybody could see the love and effort and discipline and of course the work that went into it. I am really very grateful and so sad we will have to leave you behind with our move back to Europe. Thank you thank you thank you"


"Dear Maud and Viviana, I am writing to let you know that our daughter will not be coming back next term as we are relocating. Alice had a really good year at your ballet school and the performance was absolutely amazing - we will never forget it. Thank you very much for your hard work and we wish you continued success going forward!"