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Chloe Glemot

Chloé Glemot


As a Paris Opera Ballet school recipient, Chloé has been trained in the purest tradition of the French Ballet school.  After which, she pursued her career as a professional dancer at the American Ballet New York, Le Grands Ballet Canadiens in Montreal, and the English National ballet in London. More recently she was a Ballet master and Soloist at the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet in Vietnam.

Chloé obtained her Diplome d’Etat (D.E.) in Ballet teaching in Paris, and thereafter taught in Conservatories in Paris, New Caledonia, and Vietnam. She is well equipped with the knowledge of ballet technique and artistically accomplished. She offers students challenges to meet rigorous training standards while inspiring them to be confident and creative performing artists.

Since September 2018, Chloé is the Principal Ballet teacher at L’Académie de Danse Singapore and also Adjunct Lecturer in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.