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Naomi Tan

Naomi Tan


Naomi has been teaching Classical Ballet and Jazz since 2011, as well as other genres such as Contemporary Dance and Creative Movement. Naomi received her formal dance training at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated with a Diploma in Dance. Over her dance career, she had the privilege of working with renowned choreographers such as Lim Fei Shen (Singapore), Peter Chin (Canada), Wallie Wolfgruber (USA), Pichet Klunchun (Thailand) and Angela Liong (Singapore).

Upon graduation, she performed as a full-time professional dancer at one of Singapore’s most established contemporary dance companies, The Arts Fission Company. This sparked Naomi’s interest in creating works for unconventional performance spaces, as well as a passion for improvisational and audience-interactive works. Interested in what contemporary dance can bring to everyone, artists or not, she went on to conceptualise and found Project Plait, a Food-&-Dance collaborative initiative, with the aim to combine Food & Dance to create experiences that dancers and non-dancers alike could appreciate.

Naomi enjoys working with children and contributing to their growth and character development. She believes that dance has much to offer to children of all ages. Not only does it encourage a good posture and builds physical strength, but it also develops an eye for beauty and artistry. Most importantly, it builds discipline and character, nurturing children to have strong minds and hearts.