dance academy

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L'Academie Singapore


L’ACADEMIE DE DANSE is one of the few ballet schools in Singapore that holds itself firmly and proudly with the classical ballet roots and traditions from France. Established in 2007 by Maud Tolédano, L’Academie de Danse has grown significantly, with students establishing/pursuing ballet as a career professionally under her tutelage. We also have many students, even in the adult years, who take up ballet and continue to practice as a hobby.

Students start out from as young as 3 years old who can enjoy quality dance lessons taught by passionate and dedicated dance instructors, not just in Ballet, but also in Jazz and Contemporary classes. We have a team of highly professional, highly qualified, dynamic, friendly, and approachable teachers, where we offer different recognized methods from the French Syllabus to RAD standards. Our teachers undergo relevant regular pedagogical training sessions to ensure that we continue to offer the highest standard and quality of our dance team.

We offer several class options to our students. We have assessment classes for total beginners or with prior experiences from the age of 3, graded ballet examinations (RAD) for students and parents who are interested to take part/audition for Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise to local schools in Singapore, or our very own designed Ballet programme “Junior Ballet” planned out by our Principal Teacher Chloé Glemot who graduated from the world-renown Paris Opera Ballet School. Apart from the traditional french syllabus ballet classes, we do also offer Jazz and Contemporary classes.

Every year, we hold concerts for our students to provide an opportunity to showcase their talents and perform on the stage for the public.

In addition, we have added Pilates classes that are open to both students and parents. Classes would be run by our very own dance instructor Eurie.