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Starlight Classes

The Starlight section is for talented students and for students aiming to make ballet their professional career. With only a small number of students in each class, the Starlight class emphasizes a high level of personal teaching and close supervision.

The emphasis will be on learning the pure technique in the tradition of the French Ballet technique and style. Students from Starlight will be presented to perform in several recitals a year, and the most talented will join international ballet competitions as well as international summer-camps worldwide.  Many of our students have joined renowned schools throughout the world, such as Youth Ballet WA in Perth Australia, San Francisco Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet School, New English Contemporary Ballet Nottingham, Luxemburg Conservatory and many more. They have also participated in renowned summer-camps such as Paris Opera summer-camp, Monte Carlo summer-camp, Bolshoi summer-camp, San Francisco Summer-camp, just to name a few. We are also proud to announce that our students have clinched numerous awards at international ballet competitions such as Grasse International Ballet competition, National competition from Federation Française de Danse, etc.

Students will be assigned to a class according to their age and level/technical ability. Students are required to undergo an audition to join this section. For younger students, a background in ballet is not necessary, however, talent, dedication, and high motivation are what we look out for in our Starlight students.

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