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5 Reasons

Why Choose Us?

1. International Presence

At L’Academie de Danse we believe in embracing different cultures and learning only from the best. With workshop collaborations worldwide, we aim to expose our students to nothing but the best knowledge and experience one can have.

Numerous students have been accepted by renowned Ballet schools and institutions; such as Youth Ballet WA in Perth Australia, San Franciso Ballet. Paris Opera Ballet School, New English Contemporary Ballet Nottingham, Luxemburg Conservatory, and many more.

International Presence

2. Personal Lessons

We understand privacy matters for some, and we are proud to offer personal lessons to ensure that we bring out the best in every student.

3. Train Under Highly Qualified Faculty

With the highly qualified faculty team, we believe in teaching proper dance techniques from the variety of lessons we offer.

Conducive Environment

4. Conducive Environment

We strongly believed that ballet is not just about dance, but also to inculcate positive attitudes and attributes. Our teachers pay utmost attention to emotional needs and spirit without neglecting the technical aspect, thus, creating an environment for students in L’Academie de Danse to flourish as they learn.

5. Value Added Curriculums

With the highly qualified faculty, we are providing quality lessons that meet the standards of certifications such as the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in preparation of Direct School Admission (DSA).

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Our Classes

French Syllabus

Staying true to heritage, we are offering French Syllabus classes.

Graded Examination

Parents looking for possible DSA opportunities for your kids? Wait no longer! We do offer Graded examinations for RAD.

Junior Ballet

Aiming to make ballet as a professional career? With only a small group class, Junior Ballet emphasizes a high level of personal teaching and close supervision.


We believe in keeping mental and physical well-being healthy. Thus, we have carefully curated a class just for you!